Whether you are a mechanical engineer or an IT professional, want to be employed or work as a freelancer, we are happy to welcome you to our team. In addition to the professional experience you already have, we offer additional training. This way you can be widely employed by one of our regular and reputable clients. The result? Miscellaneous work in an exciting environment. The freelancers are no exception. We have full-time vacancies in technology, engineering and IT sectors, and mediation opportunities for freelancers.


Are you an industrial cleaner, earth worker, welder, fitter, scaffold builder or any other professional in construction and industrial sectors? Then click for our vacancies.

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Engineering / IT

Are you a mechanical engineer, process engineer or IT professional and do you want to be seconded in the Netherlands, Europe or abroad? Then click for our vacancies.

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Freelancer mediation

Do you work as a freelancer in industrial sector, civil engineering, road and hydraulic engineering, other fields of engineering or IT sector? And do you just want to practice your profession without spending too much time on administrative work and looking for assignments? Then join Delta Team Mediation. We will support you in every step and arrange disability insurance for you. Interested in being a part of Delta Team?

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