We are proud of what we do and what we have achieved. We do this together with our customers and our people. You can't do it without them. Sometimes we take care of good and certified staff. At other times, we take care of everything. From organisation and management to daily operations. 

Tank engineering & consultancy

A new tank farm with a capacity of 360,000 m3 and 13 tanks (Reformates, Jet A1, Diesel) was under construction to be implemented at a refinery in Turkey. Our engineering review included welding sequence, quality system and documentation, aluminium...

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Catalyst change

During a so-called turnaround, when the production process is shut down at a refinery, we carried out catalyst work. Together with Mourik International (main contractor), we have unloaded, cleaned, filled and refilled 3 Tubular reactors.

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Yearly revision

With the efforts of more than 80 men, an entire production line was cleaned. This work took place over a period of 10 days, day and night. The work included the removal of oxides from enclosed spaces and the removal of...

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Project management tank maintenance

A 96.5-metre crude oil tank in the Caspian region required repair. Repair included replacement of the annular plate, ring seal system and complete internal re-coat and commissioning activities. Our project team successfully completed the...

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