Delta Team takes care of its people

Everyone who works at Delta Team contributes to our success. And success should be cherished. And that's what we do.

It goes without saying that we provide our employees with the right personal protective equipment and work attributes. But in addition to these basic facilities, we also want our employees to have all the knowledge they need to do their job and we want everyone to continue to develop. Is an employee no longer able to practice his profession due to health? Then we look for something else that is possible. All-round and sustainable employability is therefore essential, so that an employee can not only do valuable work today, but also tomorrow and certainly in 10 years' time.

Certification and training are crucial for personal and professional growth. Even more important is that safety is Delta Team's number one priority and that our employees come home healthy. Many of the training courses and courses we offer are therefore dedicated to working safely and healthily. Our employees receive the following training courses, among others: VCA Basic/Full, HD Operator/Painter, Forklift Driver, Breathing Air, HD and/or DV Operator, Working with Small Fire Extinguishers.