Delta Team takes care of the industrial sector

Delta Team offers its customers a full-service package in order to relieve them as much as possible:

Contracting of work and projects

Flexible work

Engineering & Consultancy

1. Contracting of work and projects

Tailor-made project teams: with the many talents, knowledge and experience that Delta Team has in house, it is possible to compose a versatile project team for a maintenance project or other defined job. Delta Team has qualified personnel for the various disciplines: industrial cleaning, mechanical and civil. Delta Team also has experience in the various sectors for supervision and control. The quality and safety system is tuned to guarantee the quality and safety of the work and the people.

We have had the same regular and well-known clients for a number of years. We are proud of the fact that we have been able to supply the right people to this top segment of the industrial and construction world for a long time. Our employees are the company's calling card. That is why we invest a lot in them. Not only through a modern fleet of vehicles, good clothing and work equipment, but also through a training programme. The safety of our employees is always paramount. In fact, safety comes before everything else. A project must guarantee safety, otherwise we simply won't do it.

2. Flexible workforce

Since its foundation in 1995, Delta Team has been known as a reliable partner when it comes to recruitment and selection, temporary employment and secondment of personnel, as well as the mediation thereof.


If you need temporary personnel for a short period of time, a temporary worker is an attractive option. Staff provided by Delta Team works under the responsibility of the client. Temporary employment is the most flexible form of labour mediation. You pay an amount that covers the personnel costs. Delta Team is responsible for recruitment and selection, time registration, administration and payment. Delta Team takes care of payroll tax, holiday allowances and travel expenses. An advantage of hiring a temporary employee is that you do not have to continue paying wages in the event of illness.

Delta Team has the knowledge and years of experience to successfully deploy certified technical and industrial personnel in particular. We do this for the heavy and petrochemical industry and in construction. We also work for companies that are active in industrial cleaning, asbestos removal, demolition, shipbuilding, scaffolding, groundwork, road construction and hydraulic engineering and we deploy personnel for mechanical work, painting and blasting. Our efforts lead to good results, consisting of high output, lower costs and projects that are delivered on time and successfully.


Secondment is a form of labour mediation that you can use especially in projects of a long-term nature, where specific expertise is important. This can be highly educated professionals, but also technicians of a scarce nature. Because we make it a condition that our employees stay with us during the period of secondment, you can count on dedication and continuity. Delta Team remains the employer and is responsible for recruitment and selection, time registration, administration and payment. Delta Team often seconds highly skilled professionals for a longer period of time to a customer. It happens regularly that one of our seconded talents starts a new project at the same customer after completion of a project. Besides project leaders, Delta Team also seconds engineers and ICT specialists.

Worldwide recruitment

Are you looking for a permanent employee for your company? Delta Team is looking for the right candidate. We know the labour market, have insight into talent and use the most up-to-date recruitment tools. Naturally, we take your wishes, ambitions and company culture into account. This enables us to make an excellent match between you and the candidate.

Mediation (freelancers, self-employed)

If you are a freelancer, Delta Team is also the right place for you. We know that many self-employed people are highly qualified and, as the name suggests, can work well independently. Our clients know this as well and for them it can also be advantageous to work with freelancers. Delta Team therefore also mediates for self-employed people and makes sure that you can get a job with nice clients.

3. Engineers and consultancy 

Finding the most suitable candidate for engineers requires specific knowledge and experience. Delta Team has worked with the candidates and knows them personally. Furthermore, we invest in our candidates and make sure that they can commit to a specific project in the right way. We do this through coaching, on-boarding programs and training (language, culture). Furthermore, Delta Team has experience in monitoring asset integrity, tank inspections and with 3D laser scanning. On top of that, the Delta Team management team has many years of experience with engineering, project and contract management of complex works at home and abroad.