Working in The Netherlands

When making a big change by moving to The Netherlands a new exciting time in your life starts. In order to give you a smooth experience we will help you enjoy your stay from the first minute you arrive. Working with Delta Team is more than starting a new job. We will make sure you earn more than in your home country. We take care of safe working conditions and  you will become part of the Delta Team Family. Starting a successful career in The Netherlands starts with organizing everything you need from arrival to even before you leave. The Delta Team recruiters will make sure you don’t have to worry about this.

Before you travel

Before you leave it is good to get a few things organized.

When you have a job in The Netherlands you must get a BSN. This is a citizen number which identifies you for Dutch Law.  We will help you with this so called BSN and make sure all is organized for you.

Health insurance
We all want you to be healthy and safe. You don’t want anybody at home worry about you. To make sure you are taken care of we will organize this for you. Our insurance will cover medical cost and in case of an emergency or a necessary medical check our team will assist you with this.  


Travelling to The Netherlands

Once all the preparations are done you are ready to go to The Netherlands. An exciting trip with which we will help you from leaving your home address to arriving at your accomodation! We will pick you up from the airport and we will bring you to your accommodation.

As life is more than work we made sure that we have nice hotels, houses and apartments which we will use to accommodate you. We will make sure you live comfortable!

Getting started with your new job

Once everything is ready and you have settled in, it is time to start the new job.

Safety & training
The first thing we look at when you start with us is to provide you with a safety training. Besides that it is mandatory we also believe that safety is key. Not just for yourself, but for the complete team. The safety training starts at our training facility and will be followed by a program set up together with you to build up your career including a plan to increase your income during the time you work with us.

Work equipment
Besides training, safety also comes with the best working equipment. We provide the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) and working equipment that will protect you: working clothes, safety boots and helmet, and all the tools that will be necessary for you to do your job.

Local transport
Your daily job starts with travelling from your accommodation to the location of the job. As we have multiple company cars and busses we will make sure you can simply hop on to get to the job or travel back from job to your accommodation. No matter where we accommodate you.

Continuous support
We are here to help, before, during and after your work​. Everybody sometimes runs into something. No matter what question you have. Either it is work or not-work related. Let us know! We are here to help.